Help Our Gardens Bloom in 2015

Since Señora Iris Brown and Grupo Motivos first created the gardens as spaces of beauty and therapeutic renewal in 1983, we have worked to preserve access to green spaces within our community, and to increase availability of inexpensive fresh organic produce.  Over the past year, our gardens El Batey and Raíces have bloomed with calabaza, kale, squash, cabbage, and corn, producing over 242 lbs of fresh produce that we sold todos para $1 to the community and donated to local soup kitchens.

Through the farm stand, our youth spoke with their elders about the vegetables that the gardens had produced, bridging gaps between generations. Community members worked the earth in their own garden plots within Las Parcelas, building connections betewen people of different cultures. Newcomer youth from Central America found in our gardens a space for healing and personal growth.

There aren't many places left in North Philadelphia where green spaces are available to be used and cherished by community members young and old. 

We want to preserve the work of the members of the Norris Square community that fought to create these beautiful gardens from vacant lots.

Will you join us in this community work?

En solidaridad,


We Bring Creative People Together

I feel lucky to know Isaiah, often called "Pop-Pop" because of his serious face and dry humor. He's been a part of our after school arts & social justice program for the past three years and soon he'll be working on his graphic novel while he studies at community college.

When we talked for this video, there was a lot of nervous laughter, but after I showed it to him, he critiqued the editing (as an editor and cartoonist himself) but thought it captured how he felt about NSNP pretty well.

Give it a watch and think about how your donation of $5 or more could support our youth programs this holiday season.



PS:  We want to provide a safe creative space for teens for years to come, but we can't do it without you. Thank you for your support!


Job Opportunity: Garden and Cultural Director

Saludos amigos,

We’re approaching the end of the year at Norris Square Neighborhood Project and what an exciting growing season it’s been. We had a very successful first year of our farmstand, partnered with La Puerta Abierta andnewcomer youth to find therapeutic space in the gardens, and celebrated this years harvest with community members. As we experience the first frosts of the year, we’re putting the garden beds to rest, moving plants inside our small greenhouse, cleaning the gardens and preparing for a chilly winter season.

Our wonderful Urban Garden Director Ana recently received the opportunity to return to her home country of Mexico so that she could work with indigenous communities in Oaxaca. We are unbelievably happy for her for this opportunity and we’re excited to announce we are opening the position of Garden and Cultural Director with a start date of early January.

Farmstand - 2014 with Summer Garden Interns

For people who are interested in community organizing, this is an amazing opportunity to work in the neighborhood around issues of food justice. There are opportunities to work with youth and share staff meeting space with youth as this is an organization centered-on youth voice. 75% of the role is outside working with community members and 25% admin work. If a person is looking to work directly in the community, this is a unique opportunity to have that experience.

Farmstand - 2014 with Summer Garden Interns

The ideal person will be bilingual (English/Spanish) and excited to work in the neighborhood and be part of social change centered-on food justice in the community.  Diverse candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

En Solidaridad,

Ana Martina Rivas & Justin Trezza

Link to Job Description
Thank You For Your Support This #GivingTuesday

I am constantly amazed by how supportive our community can be.

I reached out to you yesterday because we're trying to provide more opportunities for youth in our community to expand their arts and business skills and to build their self-esteem. We believe the youth that we serve can do anything and want to support them in their growth while providing them a safe place to be creative and explore new ideas each afternoon. 

Yesterday, you helped us raise $1,145 in one day to help us fund a 4 color silkscreen press for our after school art programs, and I am humbly grateful.

Thank you for all that you have done and will do to support our community work. We couldn't do it without you.



PS: Throughout the rest of this month, each week a youth from our programs will be sharing their Norris Square Neighborhood Project stories, so look out for Isaiah's story next week.

Support Our Youth Programs This Giving Tuesday

We're in the self-esteem building business

Youth gain a lot from running their own business. They learn patience, attention to detail, and the finance element but that's not all. It instills youth with confidence for when they enter the real world and helps them push past their internal critic so they can thrive and build their futures.

This Giving Tuesday, we are working to raise $2,500 so that our youth can work with a new 4 color silkscreening press and create complex and inspiring logos and designs on t-shirts, totes, posters, and other materials.

Silkscreening helps our youth advance their creative element, gives them a sense of ownership of a business, and connects them with people throughout the city.

We're in the business of helping youth prepare to take ownership of their futures.

If you believe in helping us build arts and business skills for youth, please donate this Giving Tuesday and help us raise $2,500. We can't do it without you and every dollar helps. 



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