Norris Square Neighborhood Project ยป Las Parcelas
Las Parcelas

Location: 2248 N Palethorp St. Philadelphia, PA 19133

Open Hours: Call (215) 634-2227 Monday-Friday or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Las Parcelas is the hub of the Norris Square gardens, covering over 30 city lots. Inside there is La Casita de Abuela which is a replica of a tiny "house" reminiscent of rural Puerto Rico. La casita has turned into a mini-museum with donated items from older residents such as musical instruments, cooking utensils, homemade crafts and much more. In addition to la casita, the garden features an outdoor kitchen for cooking demonstrations, an extraordinary mural devoted to local heroes, and rows and rows of garden plots.

Las Parcelas

Las Parcelas has more than 20 plots, some belonging to specific individuals, others maintained by community groups. These garden members are part of a group called Los Campesinos de Norris Square.