Norris Square Neighborhood Project ยป Art Factory
Art Factory


Art Factory serves youth ages 14 to 20, using arts instruction, self-expression, youth leadership, social justice collaborations, and professional development to build job and life skills, and to create a pipeline to the creative economy. 

How it Works:

Art Factory mentors youth in graphic design, dance performance, poetry, animation, drawing and video-making. As youth develop technical skills, they also learn about the administrative and entrepreneurial side of the arts. These youth are becoming a new generation of arts administrators, teaching artists and youth leadership experts that are focused on the building up their local arts scene. 

Come See Their Work:

Art Factory has exhibited at several local gallery spaces and is actively seeking gallery partners. Also, youth program participants generate revenue by conducting arts-based workshops, performing and selling both art and art services such as website design and video creation. To see their work, check out their  Facebook page,Youtube channel, and tumblr!